“Hey bud i hope u are ok

u r one tough son of a gun

give me a shout when your feeling up for it”

-John’s text message this morning.

Not that tough.

Not that tough.

I was planning to drive down to Dulles International Airport to pick up my good friend Naveen but never made it.  Earlier that day, some friends and I were skating on a small pond at one of my coworker’s (John) family estate north of Baltimore.  This pond was a beautiful heart-shaped affair that his grandfather had dug for his grandmother for Valentine’s day.  So sweet and cute right?

I tell you, this pond is made of cold, hard, solid ice.  Great for the business end of a skate, but not the soft and supple face.  To tell the truth, I have no memory of even beginning to fall, plus most of the events after that.  In fact, all I remember is a group of shadowy figures huddled around in-front of a grayish sky and one of them saying, “The ambulance is almost here!”

Will too many paramedics in one spot break the ice!?!

Will too many paramedics in one spot break the ice!?!

From all the witness accounts, I did a good head-knock on the ice, “Four inches of bounce!” from one bye-stander.  This was a textbook concussion.  My eyes were open but glazed, blood was streaming and according to my worried girlfriend, Alyssa, I did have a pulse and was breathing, but my left eye was wild; looking off in some strange direction.  She lovingly cradled my limp frame and tried to stay behind me so that I would not see her crying, but I think that even if she was directly in front of me at the time, I would not have seen her crying, or laughing, or doing jumping jacks for that matter.

Concussion symptoms according to one Google search:

  • Loss of consciousness after any trauma to the head
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of short-term memory (you may not remember the actual injury and the events some time before or after the impact)
  • Perseverating (repeating the same thing over and over, despite being told the answer each time, for example, “Was I in an accident?”)

I’m not sure if I was “perseverating,” but all of the others fit to a t.

Because of all of this and a nice trip to the Emergency Room, I was not able to pick up Naveen.  I guess I got to miss all of his journey.  Thankfully, my friend Ayehlet was a trooper and jetted down an hour-and-a-half to get him.  Thanks Ayehlet!



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3 responses to “Mishap

  1. ayehlet

    don’t worry james, you were perseverating! wouldn’t want you to think you missed out on the full concussion experience.

  2. JAMES! What did you do!?!? Thank G@D you are okay, what a champ!

  3. Doug Leasure

    Hey James, maybe you should have started out with a couple figure 8’s first instead of trying to do a triple axle jump.
    Good to see that you are up and about showing off the battle wounds today.
    John may have to consider a new name for the pond.

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