I still need $1800 by Feb 26!

I am very grateful for all who have supported me in this fund-raising effort through not only funding but hard work, ideas and sincere wishes.  At this point, I am eleven days from departure and still have a mountain to climb.  The pretzel effort has been a fun learning experience, but not as fruitful as I have hoped.  I need your help! Any amount you can give in this time of a fatigued economy will be one step towards reaching this goal.  I am eager to get working, but for work to be done, the remaining funds must be raised.

As stated before, my preferred way for donation is through the PayPal link because of its expediency.  However, if you wish, you can mail a check to me at the address below. (You must send it by Monday, February 23 for me to receive it before my departure.)

James Uhrich

4774 Aldgate Grn.

Halethorpe, MD 21227

To reiterate; I do not view your contributions as just money.  They are truly means for you to participate in the actions of helping our fellow humans.  View your contribution as exactly that: your contribution to humanity.

I thank you.


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